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You can schedule pickups Monday-Saturday. You can also schedule pickups over multiple days or at regular intervals.

If you want to change your pickup date, click the current date that's highlighted on the calendar to deselect it, and then click on a new date.

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Does This Package Contain Hazardous Materials?

Hazardous materials include any matter having a clear potential for causing harm to the mail, persons, or property involved in moving the mail. However, many commonly used items contain materials that are considered hazardous by U.S. Postal Service standards.

If you knowingly mail items or materials that are dangerous or injurious to life, health or property or fail to follow postal laws on mailing hazardous materials in violation of 39 USC § 3018 and 18 USC § 1716, you may be liable for:

  • A civil penalty per violation; Refer to 39 CFR 233.12 for values
  • Cost of any cleanup associated with each violation
  • Damages
  • Criminal Penalties

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